Encima is proud to offer resume writing services. If you need copywriting work, please contact us for specific quote information, as each copywriting assignment tends to be unique.

Product Descriptions and Pricing
All final version resume products are delivered to you as a digital file. This enables you to make multiple copies as needed onto the resume paper stock of your choice. Encima will provide multiple copies of your product on resume stock paper if you desire at a cost of $2 per copy (this covers the cost of the paper, labor and shipping).

Mid-level Resume - $325
You have been successful at your current level and now desire to take a step up. Or maybe you are looking to change companies or departments to increase your salary. We will provide you with a powerful, attention-grabbing resume that gets you noticed from among the hundreds of competing candidates.

Management Resume - $450
For those who supervise others or who are seeking a position that supervises others in a management capacity. There are certain qualities that hiring managers look for when reviewing candidates, and the resume we develop for you will be sure to emphasize them!

Non-Traditional or Career Change Resume - $375
Sometimes your experience and what you're looking to do doesn't fit the "standard" format that others use. Or perhaps you're changing careers and need to highlight your transferrable skills more than past jobs held. Encima can help! We have developed winning resumes for career changers, art school positions, and people returning to the work force after years of absence (injury, caring for relative, parent returning to the work force).

Cover Letter - $50
For too many, the cover letter is an afterthought. A weak cover letter means your resume isn't even considered. The cover letter developed for you will ensure that the hiring manager turns the page to look at your resume!

Reference Sheet - $25
A complete resume package must include a reference sheet. We'll help you determine which references are best to list and provide a formatted product as part of your package.

Follow-up Letter - $25
The follow-up letter is more than a "thank you." It is an opportunity to sell your strengths one more time. The follow-up letter we develop will remind the hiring manager of your qualities and have them looking at your resume again!

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