Get the job you've prepared for -
BEFORE you have to move in with your parents!

You - along with a gazillion other just-graduated students - are anxious to get the job for which you've prepared for the last four (or more) years. How do you convince a company that you are the ideal candidate to fulfill their needs? You created a resume like they taught you in your senior seminar, but it's awfully "blah" and looks like the hundreds of other resumes created by your peers. The few resumes you've provided to recruiters haven't gotten you any callbacks. (pic of frustrated/exasperated person)

Resumes have been a headache to new grad job seekers forever. How do you show job experience when you're trying to get your
first job in your field!? You've thought about it a lot and still you wonder:
Early in my career I faced the same issues. I was lucky to have some experienced mentors that helped me learn to write killer resumes. Later, as a hiring manager for several companies, I knew what I wanted in a resume and what motivated me to interview a candidate. And I've invested lots of time in training and preparing winning resumes for dozens of professionals across many professions - enabling them to get the interview and the job!

As crazy as it seems to most, resumes have become a passion of mine. I actually enjoy crafting resumes and can create a resume that gets you interviews, too!

When you engage me to create your resume, you're
working with me personally - not a random member of a staff that churns out "cookie cutter" resumes. Your resume will be tailored to showcase your unique talents and abilities. It will cause the screeners and reviewers to take action and call you for an interview by
If you want a resume that gets you interviews - leading to a great start to your career and a lifestyle that doesn't depend on Mom and Dad - click below to take the first step and receive a FREE bonus!

Professional Writing Services
Professional Writing Services